Goat Care

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Good goat care is critical to your success in maintaining a healthy herd. The health of your herd is determined 50% by the farm conditions and 50% by the breed. Kiko goats are one of the most parasite resistant and self-sufficient breeds in the world making them very sought after.

As you will learn, most medications for goat care are considered “off label”. This mean the drugs were tested for use in other kinds of animals but not officially tested or supported by the manufacturer for goats.  We are NOT veterinarians but we share here what has worked well for us. With a little learning and investment in supplies, you should be able to adequately care for your herd.  However, before you have the need, find a veterinarian that has experience with goats… they are a different livestock and require someone with years of hands-on goat care to be good.


Sick Goat

Uh oh, you sense something is wrong, you have a sick goat. Now what?  First and foremost, we are not veterinarians. When in doubt consult your...


Kidding is a special time at the Farm.  We prepare for interventions or assistance but typically are just observers making sure delivery and kid...

Goat Nutrition

The recipe for good goat nutrition is affected by geography, farm condition, and desired out come. Our goat’s primary feed is browse...

Herd Management

What we do from vaccinations and worming to breeding and assessments.


Keeping our goats contained, safe, and with dry shelter is a top priority. Hay feeders, grain troughs, free mineral dispensers, and fresh water...

The Kiko Breed

Why Kikos, where did they come from and what are the benefits?