Welcome To Our Kiko Goats Farm!

Here you will find our 100% New Zealand Kiko Goats along with the products we proudly offer. Welcome to Natures Nook Farm!

Our Farm

Our farm is nestled on a quiet Walton County dirt road in Good Hope, Georgia. Our focus is raising quality Kiko goats on an all-natural food supply: grazing, hay, grain, and minerals. We maintain separate pastures for bucks and does, with a few extra fenced paddocks for breeding, hay storage and special needs.  To keep them safe from outsiders, we maintain electrified post and wire fences (don’t tell them we are just trying to keep them in, lol). Goats are smart… sometimes too smart, laugh. Keeping them out of the hay and feed storage is a never-ending game of wits.

Goats can be mischievous or become ill. For bumps and cuts, we keep a goat first aid kit handy. They are vaccinated for CD&T and individual goats are only wormed when needed. We have a very healthy herd and take many measures to keep it that way. We always strive to improve. Our latest pasture management includes no-till seeding of a mix of grains and legumes in the Spring and a different mix for the Fall to give the herd the best possible grazing ground. Healthy goats are happy goats!

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Meet Our Goats

Our 100% New Zealand Kiko goats are the flagship of our farm. The herd has been carefully selected for quality blood lines, health, kidding, growth rates and temperament/behavior. Further more, we bio-security tested the entire herd for CAE, CL, and Johne’s and then maintain a closed herd. We ensure the 100% purity of our line, NKR Registered and Parents DNA verified.

Our Kiko goats are spoiled. They come running for treats whenever we enter the pasture. They know their names and are quick to poke their nose in my pockets if I am carrying Animal Crackers… and I usually am. Being generous with treats will tame even the most unruly or wild goat. Food is a universal language that goats truly understand. They enjoy their never ending supply of Bermuda hay as well.

We open and close the big barn doors depending on the weather. When the temperature dips below 50 degrees, the rear barn door stays closed so they have a place out of the drafty wind. If it is raining, their grain is served up in the barn. When we are away for the day, a caretaker comes by to feed and pamper them as well. While running a farm and raising goats is a lot of work, they are special, each in their own way, and quite entertaining too.

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What's happening...

Nature’s Nook Farm is in Georgia.

1 day 4 hours ago

I get questions on marking harnesses. Why? The harnesses lets us know the date when a doe is covered and to project kidding date. We

Nature’s Nook Farm is in Georgia.

5 days 20 hours ago

Breeding season is underway with Indian Outlaw, Blues Son, and Hobo herd sire bloodlines. We sequestered our four future herd sires… all weaned over 50lbs

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