Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale

Below are our terms of sale. Our mission is to raise quality Kiko goats and, in turn, contribute to your farm’s success. We acquired top Kiko pedigrees to provide you with excellent stock.  We encourage a farm visit and are happy to share what we do.

Support after the sale is just as important to us. To that end, we remain available as a resource to you when you purchase from us.  Call us any time and we will do our best to answer your questions. We love healthy goats!

All kids are typically kept at Natures Nook Farm until 5-6 months of age. We wean our bucklings at 90 days. Our doelings get weaned between 100-120 days. All breeding stock registration is with the National Kiko Registry.

Discounts: We provide 10% off your entire purchase when buying two or more registered Kikos. We highly recommend buying two for a much less stressful time for your purchased animals. A herd may take a month or longer to accept a new single.

Deposits: All deposit are non-refundable and will reserve your selection.  $200 deposit for all breeding stock, $100 deposit for all other stock. We take cash, Zelle, or Vemo.

Payments: 50% of balance is due at weaning and can be done via cash, Zelle, Venmo. The remaining balance, Cash Only, is due at pickup.