Kiko Buck Goats for Sale

Welcome To Our Farm!

Below are our bucks, 100% New Zealand Kiko goats for sale

We have one 2022 herd sire, Thunderbolt, for sale and our 2023 bucklings.  Extreme thanks to our new and repeat customers. Our buck Kiko goats for sale are posted below. We offer a 10% discount if you purchase two or more registered Kikos. Here are our Terms of Sale.  We look forward to serving you.

At time of pickup, I will micro-chip, pull hairs for DNA verification, and NKR Register breed stock in the name of your choice, if not already named. Sometimes I just can’t help myself, lol. Unless previously agreed, NKR registration is $12, DNA testing is $35, and Owners Transfer is $10. Most kids will remain on the farm until they are 5-6 months of age to ensure the best possible start for your goat and investment.  I wean the boys at 90 days and the girls between 100-120 days.

All our Sires and Dams are on-site. Our herd is Closed and all sires and dams are Bio-Security Tested for John’s, CAE, and CL.

2022 Herd Sires – 100% NZ

2023 Herd Sire Bucklings – 100% New Zealand

2023 Bucklings – Brush Goat, Pet, or Chevon. SOLD OUT

$3.50 / lb. – live weight   NOTE: We do NOT kill or butcher on the farm.